Picture Cross

Solve the puzzle to paint the picture!

Keep your mind active with the biggest collection of picture logic puzzles you’ll find anywhere.

New to Picture Cross?

We've included a quick and easy tutorial where you can learn the basic rules to complete nonogram puzzles.

You can find more detailed instructions in our Playing Guide (which you can also access from the Options menu in the game).

Playing Guide

Game Features

  • 40+ massive themed puzzle packs to complete.
  • Classic Picture Cross and Color Picture Cross puzzles.
  • Different grid sizes and skill levels from Easy to Expert.
  • Complete puzzles to reveal fun-packed hidden scenes.

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There are over 40 themed puzzle packs to unlock in Picture Cross! Here are just a few of them...

A Day At The Races

New! ⭐ Saddle up for 100 new puzzles, as Picture Cross brings you all the pageantry and excitement of a major Horse Racing event.

Fairy Tales

New! ⭐ Use your logic skills to reveal a host of legendary characters and enchanted creatures.


Uncover ancient treasures in this intriguing new puzzle pack.


Explore the sunken city of Atlantis and encounter mythical creatures!

The Airport

Reveal the scene of a busy working airport in this town puzzle pack.


A swashbuckling adventure on the craziest pirate ship ever!

Main Street

Join the parade in this all-singing, all-dancing puzzle pack.

Encyclopedia of Picture Cross

Play a remixed collection of puzzles from the main game and unlock more hidden pictures!

Picture Cross is free to play, but contains optional paid items to help unlock content more quickly.

Product Support

Need help with Picture Cross? Select HELP from the Pause Menu to access the in-game help system.

Picture Cross FAQ

From the Map View or Puzzle View screen, select the gear icon to open the Pause Menu.

Select 'Help' to access the in-game help system. Here you can review the game instructions or contact support.

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