Picture Cross Events

Every month, a new limited time event is available to play in Picture Cross.

Each event brings new puzzles and opportunities to win rewards during play.

Just tap the EVENT icon when it appears on the Main Menu screen to get started!

This Month:

Summer Vacation


It's time to hit the beach in this month's Picture Cross special event! 🌞

Play during June to unlock rewards including themed puzzles and exclusive screen decorations.

Starting Saturday, June 1st 2024

How it works

Solve new puzzles in any pack to earn Event Stars and increase your Level.

Each time you level up, new Rewards are available to claim!

Entry to Events is free to all players, but Premium Pass holders can claim additional Premium Rewards each time they level up.

During an Event, completing new puzzles will earn Event Stars.

Tap the ⭐Event icon on the Main Menu screen to bring up the Reward Track.

Here you can claim rewards you've earned and view each level's rewards.

The Premium Pass lets you claim greater rewards, plus a special reward at the maximum level.

Event Packs

Each event includes it's own pack of 100 themed puzzles with a new hidden scene to reveal.

Puzzles in the current event's pack are unlocked as higher levels are reached.

The Premium Pass is required to unlock all 100 puzzles during the event.

After an event has concluded, any remaining puzzles in the pack can be unlocked using Tokens.


Tip: Tap the ⭐Star (Event Packs), 🦆Duck (Main Game) or 📖Encyclopedia icons at the bottom of the Main Menu screen to browse puzzle packs in each of the three main game modes.

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Every time you level up in an event, you'll unlock a new reward.

In addition to unlocking Event Pack puzzles, rewards you may encounter include:


Decorations: A new set of items for Gallery Mode. You can also use them during play by accessing the Style menu: tap the ⚙️Gear icon, select Settings, then Style to customise the background and status bar used in the game screen.

Mystery Spins: Spin the prize wheel and win Coins, Tokens or Helper Items depending on where it lands.

Coins and Tokens: Used to unlock puzzles, replay puzzles and exchange for hints! (More info)

Helper Items: 'Bomb', 'Frame' and 'Coach' items can be used to give you a head start on more difficult puzzles. (More info)

The Mystery Box: You must have the Premium Pass and reach the maximum Level during an event to open the box! It contains multiple prizes.

When the event ends

The time remaining to complete the event is displayed on the Rewards screen. When an event ends:

  1. The Premium Pass expires.
  2. All players are reset to Level 1 ready for the next event.
  3. Any unclaimed rewards will no longer be available - don't forget to check back regularly and claim any unlocked rewards during the event!

But wait, there's more!

If you're new to the world of Picture Cross, check out picturecross.com where you'll find all the details about the game and in-depth playing tips and tutorials.

Picture Cross is free to download and features over 7,500 hand-crafted puzzles to keep your mind active.

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