Picture Perfect Crossword

The crossword puzzle where every clue is a unique picture

Put your word skills to the test with this intriguing new crossword game where each clue is shown as a picture – just say what you see!

Game Features

  • Crossword fun for all ages!
  • Play every day and learn new words.
  • Hundreds of puzzles.
  • Instant hints – get a little help without spoiling the game.
  • Connect to Facebook to carry on playing on your other devices.

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Product Support

Need help with Picture Perfect Crossword? Select HELP from the Settings Menu to access the in-game help system.

Picture Perfect Crossword FAQ

From the Map View or Puzzle View screen, select the icon to open the Settings Menu.

Select 'Help' to access the in-game help system. Here you can review the game instructions or contact support.

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